Trainee & Mentor T32 AA013525 Obligations and Commitments Agreement

Both the trainee and mentor(s) will be emailed this T32 AA013525 obligations and commitments agreement at the time of the trainee’s appointment. It is requested that both the trainee and the mentor(s) email Jill acknowledging agreement with the obligations listed and notification of the commitments involved with this T32 within the first week of (re)appointment.

  • The trainee’s appointment is full-time (clearly defined in NIH policy notice NOT-OD-17-095). All guidelines and policies detailed in the NIH Grants Policy Statement section 11.3 must be followed, including those governing stipend supplementation, compensation and other income. A written request to the T32 Directors for consideration of approval of support beyond that offered by this T32 is required.
  • Trainee support from this T32 includes a monthly stipend per the NIH levels, a health insurance contribution toward eligible plans, travel funds to attend the annual RSA meeting (conditions apply) and a contribution of 60% of the actual tuition and fees amount (predoctoral trainees only). Trainees and mentors must be prepared and have a plan in place to cover the cost disparities.
  • The trainee and mentor will ensure that all publications, abstracts and presentations of research accomplished and/or prepared by the T32 trainee during their period of support acknowledge support of the NIAAA T32 grant as required by the Notice of Grant Award. Acknowledgement example: Research reported in this publication was supported by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism of the National Institutes of Health under Award Number T32AA013525. The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the National Institutes of Health. The trainee is responsible for ensuring their publications are in compliance with the NIH Public Access Policy. Trainees are responsible for ensuring their abstract and manuscript submissions include an acknowledgement of their NIAAA T32 support and they must email Jill a copy of the abstract or manuscript within a week of its submission.
  • The trainee will keep his/her NIH eRA Commons profile and My NCBI Bibliography up-to-date. The trainee should access their My NCBI account by using their eRA Commons login. It is highly recommended that the trainee create/maintain a biosketch (pre and postdoctoral templates provided by NIH). Additionally, trainees should associate their eRA Commons ID with their ORCID iD. Instructions on how to do so are found within this NIH notice.
  • The trainee and mentor must ensure the trainee meets the minimum requirements and maintains a detailed log of their NIH mandated Responsible Conduct of Research training (both online trainings and the minimum of 8 hours of face-to-face discussions).
  • The trainee and mentor will complete the required annual evaluation forms and maintain and discuss the trainee’s Individual Development Plan. IDPs will be collected and reviewed by the T32, at minimum, twice a year.
  • The trainee will submit their semiannual progress reports to be reviewed by the T32 (and submitted in the grant’s progress report to NIH) and keep a document of their training experience up-to-date. It is highly recommended that the trainee keep a running document detailing their alcohol research project involvement and update it on an ongoing basis.
  • It is expected that second year JDP student trainees will submit a F31 grant and that second year postdocs will submit a career development grant to NIH or the VA. Trainees and mentors will keep the NIAAA T32 Directors and Coordinators of this grant informed of grant submissions and outcomes.
  • Trainees and mentors will complete the requested evaluations of the trainee’s progress and the training program.
  • The trainee is required to attend all meetings of the Addictions Seminar series and to present during at least one meeting per academic year.
  • It is requested that the mentor attend all meetings of the Addictions Seminar series and it is required that they present during at least one meeting during the trainee’s T32 appointment tenure.
  • Both the trainee and mentor are required to attend and participate in the annual T32 Research, Training and Mentorship Meeting held in June prior to RSA.
  • The trainee is required to be a current Research Society on Alcoholism member and attend and present at their annual meeting typically held in late June. The trainee must submit an abstract, of which they are the presenting author, and apply for RSA student/postdoc meeting awards which typically cover the cost of registration and sometimes provide a nominal travel stipend.
  • Trainees must complete their official termination notice, including their T32 tenure training summary, prior to their appointment end date. The NIAAA T32 Directors and Coordinators must be kept informed of any events that may impact a trainee’s appointment tenure.

Updated August 2023