Important deadlines for appointed NIAAA T32 trainees:

JULY/AUG/SEPT (Re)Appointment or Termination Paperwork
CITI RCR Online Module (for new trainees)
1:1 Orientation (for new trainees)
Annual Obligations & Commitments Overview *Sept. 13, 2023*
October IDP Draft (for new trainees) *Oct. 15, 2023*
November RSA New Member Application *By Nov. 30, 2023*
December RSA Symposia Abstracts *December 1, 2023*
Formal NIH Progress Report Materials *December 31, 2023*
January RSA Poster Abstracts and Student Merit /
Junior Investigator Award Applications *January 8, 2024*
February Mid-year Progress Materials *February 15, 2024*
IDP Mid-year Review
June Annual T32 Meeting *June 5, 2024*
RSA *June 22-26, 2024 Minneapolis, MN*
July Year-end Progress Materials *July 1, 2024*
Evaluations (trainee and program) *July 1, 2024*
IDP Year-end Review

Months listed on left above are typical; however, exceptions occur.
*Formal NIH Progress Report materials include:
progress paragraphs, highlights, publications and independent grants table information
*Mid-year and year-end progress materials collections include up-to-date:
CVs, IDPs, RCR logs, and NIAAA T32 tenure snapshot summaries.
*Trainees make formal PPT presentations on their alcohol research at the annual T32 meeting.
*Specific Dates for 2023-2024*