Individual Development Plan (per NIH Policy NOT-OD-14-113)

Graduate students and postdocs being supported by NIH funding must maintain an Individual Development Plan (IDP). An IDP is a dynamic document that identifies career goals, sets a path and helps trainees manage their career development plans. The IDP should be drafted by the trainee and discussed and reviewed with their mentor(s), at minimum, every 6 months. Input from secondary mentors and beyond is encouraged. Two recommended resources dedicated to the development and maintenance of an IDP are the Science Centers myIDP resource and the guide developed by UCSD (including the UCSD based IDP form all NIAAA T32 should use and a helpful Comprehensive Skills Analysis Worksheet.

NOTE: Trainees are only required to email IDPs to Jill Vander Velde twice a year. It is up to the trainee and mentor(s) to determine the format. Do not follow the instructions on the UCSD link regarding submission to OPVSA.

Helpful links –


Presentation slides from the predoctoral JDP IDP training can be found here:

UCSD conducts EPIC workshops for postdoctoral trainees (registration required) that cover IDP training: