There are numerous specific areas of research available for trainees to pursue in this alcohol research training program, including fetal alcohol syndrome, adolescent and adult alcohol/substance abuse, risk and protective factors for alcoholism, alcohol and brain disease, neurobiological/behavioral effects of alcoholism, neuropsychological assessment, brain imaging, interventions, addiction and comorbidity.
For more information, visit the websites of the participating faculty mentors listed and linked below.

  • Edward Riley, Ph.D.
   (PI and Director, SDSU)
  • Andrea Spadoni, Ph.D.
   (Co-Director, UCSD)
• Robert Anthenelli, M.D. (UCSD)
David Moore, Ph.D. (UCSD)
Sandra A. Brown*, Ph.D.  (UCSD)
• Sonya Norman, Ph.D. (UCSD)
Mariana Cherner, Ph.D. (UCSD)
• Abraham Palmer, Ph.D. (UCSD)
Kelly Courtney, Ph.D. (UCSD)
• Will Pelham, Ph.D. (UCSD)
Jay Giedd, M.D. (UCSD)
Sandra Sanchez-Roige, Ph.D. (UCSD)
Igor Grant, M.D. (UCSD)
• Marc Schuckit, M.D. (UCSD)
Joanna Jacobus, Ph.D. (UCSD)
• Susan Tapert*, Ph.D. (Associate Director, UCSD)
Susan Kiene, Ph.D. (SDSU)
Jennifer Thomas, Ph.D. (SDSU)
Ksenija Marinkovic, Ph.D. (SDSU)
Natasha Wade, Ph.D. (UCSD)
• Sarah Mattson, Ph.D. (Associate Director, SDSU)
Tamara Wall, Ph.D. (UCSD)
* Former Co-Director