Tuition – Predoctoral Trainees ONLY (per NIH NOT-OD-15-048)

The NIAAA T32 alcohol research training grant can provide partial tuition assistance up to 60% and health insurance costs up to the maximum of $4,200 per trainee.

The JDP’s tuition and fees statement is posted here:

Payment of Tuition & Fees at SDSU

There is a mandatory campus fee every semester. The training grant covers this expense, however you are required to complete an SDSURF “Fee Authorization Request” form. Students must complete all applicable sections of the form, secure required signatures (Dr. Riley’s and the SDSURF fund administrator), and submit the completed form to the Cashier’s office prior to SDSU’s registration due date.


Payment of Tuition & Fees at UCSD


Annual resident fees X – $Y health insurance = $Z x 60% = $$$ towards tuition and fees can be provided by the T32 AND as $Y is less than the $4,200 maximum for health insurance, the full UCSD health insurance costs for the trainee will be covered by the T32 training grant (provided the costs remain similar to those submitted in the approved 2017-2022 renewal application).

Invoicing from UCSD to SDSURF, where the NIAAA T32 alcohol research grant is housed, is determined by personnel at UCSD assisting with the JDP and this T32’s SDSURF fund specialist.