Progress Reports

Each winter/early spring this T32 grant is required to submit a progress report to NIH NIAAA. Each trainee will prepare paragraphs (in the third person) detailing their course work, training, skills, and research project experiences during the reporting period and review them with their mentor(s). Any work on publications or conference presentations and honors or fellowships, etc. should also be mentioned in the paragraphs. A listing of publications, abstracts and presentations accomplished during the reporting period will also be collected. If the T32 grant is not a source of support for a listed item, please explain. Publications must be in NIH Public Access format. A listing of the grants the trainee is involved with is also required and all grants must be provided in the following format: Name of grant, funding institution, grant number (A01 AA123456-01), last name(s) of grant PI/co-PI(s), SDSU or UCSD IRB or IACUC number(s) XXXX or XX-XX-XX approval through date(s) (xx/xx/xx).

It is highly recommended trainees keep their T32 training grant progress report document and publications/presentations listings up-to-date at all times.

Progress Paragraphs
Format Example: Jill Vander Velde is a second year predoctoral trainee working with Dr. Edward Riley. Jill’s course work this reporting period has included Multivariate Statistics, Psychopathology and Ethics. This spring she is taking Statistics II. Her research focuses on the effects of alcohol… Her primary involvement in the lab is… duties include … Jill completed a training in June 20xx at UW-Madison involving new fMRI techniques. At the end of June, she attended and presented at the 20xx RSA conference on an abstract entitled, “…” Also in 20xx, she co-authored three papers (one as first author) on her research involving FAS and executive functioning, two appeared in Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research and the other in Alcohol. In December 20xx, she presented a poster at the Research is Amazing Conference entitled, “…” She submitted two abstracts entitled, “…” and “…” for consideration at the upcoming 20xx RSA meeting. Currently, she is finishing up her NIAAA F31 grant application entitled, “…” to be submitted in March 20xx. She attends the bimonthly Addictions Seminars and of particular interest this year learned… Describe in a couple of sentences your approach to the Individual Development Plan and how you utilize the tool and manage/monitor it with your progress with your mentor(s).  Explain in a couple of sentences how you are meeting NIH’s mandate for the Responsible Conduct of Research. Detail in a couple of sentences the professional development opportunities you have been afforded as part of your T32 training.

Peer-Reviewed Papers (in print or press)
– Must be compliant with the NIH Public Access Policy!
Format Example: Vander Velde, J.J. and Riley, E.P.[List all authors] Title of the paper. Journal Name, 20xx[year];X[issue number]:123-127[page numbers]. PMCID: PMC9999999

Submitted Manuscripts
Format Example: Vander Velde, J.J. and Riley, E.P. Title of the paper. Journal Name, Submitted Month 20xx.

Manuscripts in Preparation
Format Example: Vander Velde, J.J. and Riley, E.P. (In Preparation). Title of the paper.

Conference Abstracts and Presentations
Format Example: Vander Velde, J.J. and Riley, E.P. Title. Presented at the Name of the Meeting, City, State, Month 20xx. [If it is a published abstract also include: Journal Name, 20xx;X(Supplement SX):123A.]

Alcohol Research Project(s)

Provide a detailed description of the alcohol research project(s) you are involved with or have initiated during your time of support on this T32. Include the methodology, utility/significance of the proposed results, and how it fits into your career trajectory. List the funding source(s), i.e. grant numbers and titles, of the data and/or research project you are working with/on. [Funding Source Tip: If you were publishing the study, which sources of support, grant numbers, etc. would be listed.]