Forms, Templates & Other T32 Paperwork

Unless otherwise indicated, paperwork should be completed and returned to Jill Vander Velde.
*Denotes the trainee’s original, penned signature is required; scanned copies are not acceptable.

Appointment Forms *Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Jill will email you the required forms and links.

SDSURF Taxation Notice* – Must be completed at the start of each 12-month appointment.
• [1st year Postdocs ONLY] SDSUid/Email Request Form
SDSURF Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement – To receive disbursement from SDSURF through direct deposit rather than in paper check form via the postal service, complete this form and fax or mail it back to SDSURF to the contact provided on the form along with a voided check or bank statement. Do not scan or email it.
• [Predocs paying tuition to SDSU] SDSURF Fee Authorization Form* – Must be completed prior to the cashier deadline each semester.
Trainee & Mentor T32 AA013525 Obligations and Commitments Agreement

Change of Address or Name

SDSURF Name Change and / or Change of Address Form
Complete, scan and email to Jill. For a name change, the trainee must present their new Social Security card to a Human Resources representative at SDSURF located on the 4th floor of the Gateway Building.

IDP Templates (based on UCSD’s forms)

• Fillable IDP including a section for your mentor(s) to complete.
• FYI: Comprehensive Skills Analysis Worksheet

Evaluation Forms

• [Predocs] Complete the JDP form with your mentor(s) and Guidance Committee.
• [Postdocs] Form will be emailed to you.
• Program Evaluation Form will be emailed to you.

Termination Template

• Termination Template will be emailed to you.