The training grant makes a considerable contribution towards each trainee’s health insurance coverage costs, up to a maximum of $4,200 per 12-month appointment period. JDP students and their mentors will be informed by the JDP Coordinators as to who will be enrolled in UCSD’s health insurance. UCSD will notify the trainee if any further steps are needed and provide coverage details and dates.

Predoctoral trainees paying their tuition and fees to SDSU and ALL postdoctoral trainees will be offered the option to enroll in the health insurance plans offered by SDSU Research Foundation. A plan on how to cover the costs beyond the $4,200 should be determined between the individual trainee and their mentor(s). Only the plans offered by SDSURF are eligible for support assistance. An HR representative from SDSURF will contact the trainee via email regarding health plan selection options. Trainees have 30 days from their date of appointment to notify SDSURF HR of their selection. Again, as T32 trainees are not considered employees by SDSURF, health insurance support may be considered reportable income and trainees may receive a 1099-MISC form in the amount of the grant’s contribution.

The JDP’s health insurance statement is posted here: