(scroll down for post-workshop materials – including slides and photos)

Registration Packet Materials

Program (Reduced size PDF) – Individual section full-size PDFs below.

Attendee Directory – Email Jill (vanderv AT mail.sdsu.edu) for the PDF.

Listing of NIAAA T32 Programs (PDF)

Oral Presentation Abstracts (PDF)

Poster Abstracts (PDF)

Workshop Evaluation Form (PDF)*

*If you didn’t have time at the workshop, please complete the form and mail to Jill at:
6330 Alvarado Court #100, San Diego, CA 92120 – Thank you.

Post-Workshop Slides and Resources

How to Give a Lecture slides provided by Marc Schuckit (download link to zip file of the PPT)

NOTE: Slide set link revised on 10/25/13 –
if you downloaded previously, the link now reflects the slides presented 10/18/13.
Source: http://www.alcoholmedicalscholars.org/home

Grantsmanship slides provided by Steven Woods (download link to zip file of the PDF)

NIH Public Access Policy Compliance slides by Kathy Jung (download link to zip file of the PPT)
PPT set includes presented slides (through slide 35) as well as additional slides that may be helpful.

Other NIH Public Access Policy Resources include the following links:
http://publicaccess.nih.gov/detailed instructions including tutorials
http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/click Sign In in the upper right-hand corner for your Bibliography
http://nihms.nih.gov/the ‘action center’ for obtaining a publication’s PMCID number

Todd Coleman’s Lab Website

Negotiating Your First Job slides by Sandra Brown (download link to zip file of the PPT)

Seeking Alternative Sources of Funding slides by Mary Larimer (download link to zip file of the PPT)

The Role of the Mentor slides by Kenneth Sher (download link to zip file of the PPT)

Publishing in the Early Career Period by Jan Hoek (download link to zip file of the PPT)



We very much enjoyed our time together and would like to compile an album of pictures. We established a system that doesn’t require you to sign in to any of your personal accounts (or take up any of your cloud storage space).

To view the shared photo album and download any photos, click this Dropbox link:

2013 NIAAA T32 Trainee Workshop San Diego – Dropbox link

To share and add your photos to this album (and not take up any of your own personal Dropbox space), click the Entourage link below, enter the password (what we all study that starts with an ‘a’ – all lowercase), click the green ‘Add Files’ button to add each of your photos (the drag and drop method also works) and you have added all from your album, click the blue ‘Start Upload’ button to add them to Jill’s public Dropbox photo for this event.

http://j.mp/18gSGRj – Entourage link

We are still BETA testing this process… if you run into glitches, please let Jill know. If a posted picture is one you would rather not have in the public folder, please notify Jill with the jpg file number and she will remove it. Thank you.


NIAAA T32 Program Descriptions

Abstracts can be found by searching NIH Reporter for NIAAA T32s.
Contact information and the research emphasis of each can be found on the NIAAA website:


Program Pieces

Cover (PDF)

Committees (PDF)

Quick Glance Program (PDF)

Detailed Program (PDF)

Poster Listing (PDF)

Sponsors (PDF)

Former Calendar Upcoming Events

May 1, 2013 Abstract Submission Deadline
August 15, 2013 Abstract Decision Notifications Emailed
August 15, 2013 Preliminary Program Posted on Website
September 23, 2013 Online Registration Opens
September 30, 2013 Registration Closes
October 14, 2013 Final Program Posted on Website
October 18-20, 2013 2013 NIAAA Training Directors Meeting and Trainee Workshop


FYI: For those of you selected to present orally, you should prepare PPT slides for a 15 minute talk. We have allotted 3 minutes after each talk for questions and comments. There will be a training director moderating each session and a trainee doing introductions. Email your slides to Jill by October 15th, 2013. We will be using a PC laptop for the workshop and you can view your slides at the registration / information desk when you check-in Friday if you want to verify they were received correctly.

For those of you who will be presenting your data during the poster session, the determined poster size for the workshop is 42″ tall x 56″ wide.

Your audience will include the training director(s) (or representative faculty member) from each of the 26 nationwide NIAAA T32 training programs, trainees (pre and postdoctoral) also presenting abstracts (oral or poster) from these programs, local San Diego faculty & trainees and NIAAA staff.